What’s the great lesson for my life?  How to be humble.  It seems most of my life I’ve struggled with pride.  Sometimes it doesn’t look like pride.  Am I good enough, am I better than, am I successful, how will others view this?  Why should those things matter?  Can’t I just be who I am and where I am?

Recently, God gave me a gift during chapel.  We were reminded that coming to language school is a very humbling experience.  We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t leaders and “successful” back home.  Others wouldn’t entrust their finances to us if we weren’t people that are capable.

Yet here, we have no titles.  We aren’t what we do – we are who we are.  We suddenly can only communicate on the level of a toddler.  Now we are one of the least and very powerless.

I remember learning in Al-Anon that everything in life is either a gift or a lesson.  So what’s the gift, because I’ve had enough lessons – thank you.  I am who God made me.  I am not what I do or what I know.  God desires to use me because of my faults and challenges not in spite of them.  When I can do these things on my own, who is glorified?

So here I am.  Sorry I missed Marty Ring’s funeral.  Thinking of my dad whose birthday recently passed.  Wondering if I can really cut it here and in Roatan.  Knowing that I can’t – God can.


About deborahhunnicutt

Taking a crazy journey that God has led me on to Roatan, Honduras. Donations to this ministry can be made at: Teaching in the Son 17 E Hurd, Ste. 200 Edmond, OK 73034 USA
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  1. Jeff or Cap'n Leg Iron of Tortuga's Revenge says:


    I understand the humility lesson. I’m approaching two years of unemployment and that wasn’t in my life plan when I graduated. Come to think of it, no part of my life plan has occurred. That was then. This is now. However, God does come through. I’ve been feeling down lately and now people I know are encouraging me. I think that’s God at work. The maddening part is that I can’t see what he sees. Aaaargh! The faith journey continues.


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