The Church at Work

Intibucá.  Christian Heritage Academy.  Small groups.  Accountability


In May I was blessed to be invited on a mission trip to Intibuca with my friends from the Iglesia de Dios in Coxen Hole.  Here is a church in an impoverished neighborhood sending missionaries all over the world including countries that are closed to North Americans.  We delivered medicine and mattresses to the Lenca Indians of Honduras and also helped with a women’s conference.  Being part of their trip reminded me that we are all blessed and as Christians were are called to serve those whom God puts in our lives.  Maybe it’s the Lencas or maybe it’s your hurting neighborhood.  Whoever it is, we are to serve.  It’s incredible what happens in our lives when we get outside of ourselves.

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Christian Heritage Academy

The last week of May, a group of energetic students and faculty descended on Roatan.  Their task; share Jesus with the Islanders.  Some did this by building a house.  Some hosted VBS for a group of neighborhood children.  Some spent time making friendships with a group of girls that have suffered unspeakable tragedy.  Some did minor home repairs for me. (Sorry Mom, I know I should’ve been able to do it myself.)  Some served me by doing the often mundane and tedious behind the scenes tasks that go with being a teacher.  I know the girls that helped me at my house did not expect to come to Honduras to color 1000 vocabulary flash cards.  However, they saved me weeks of work and were a huge encouragement to me personally.  Thanks, CHA team, for the many ways you served and shared Jesus.

Small groups and accountability

The church in action is not just big groups and trips.  It’s also small and intimate.  And, I’m privileged to say that God’s blessed me with a new friend and accountability partner.  We meet every Monday to pray for each other and the times are sweet.  I’m so grateful God put Debi in my life.  Additionally, a friend of mine, Thelma, asked if we could begin a Bible study.  Two weeks into the study, Thelma accepted Jesus as her Lord during an open-air meeting.  My times of prayer and study with these ladies are a gift from God.  I’m thankful I get to be a part of the church in these smaller settings, too.


My residency paperwork is still in process. There have been snags, bumps, and even some mountains along the way.  The process needs to be finalized by August 7 or I get to start all over again.  Keep this as a matter of prayer.  We serve a God who sometimes moves mountains and who sometimes invites us to climb them with Him.  Whatever the case, I’m glad He’s in control.

Extremely Extreme Pirates of the Caribbean Zipline

Coming Home

I’ll be home June 27 through August 4.  My sister and her family are currently in the States (they serve in a closed African nation) and this is going to be a great time for all the family to be together.  We are working on an event at Crossings and I’ll advise you when I have the date confirmed.  Finally, it’s a pleasure to have my son, Daniel, here with me for three weeks

I’m so glad the church can show up in may ways, from mission trips to supporters at home, to new friends, to spending time with family.   Thank you for your prayer and support.


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Taking a crazy journey that God has led me on to Roatan, Honduras. Donations to this ministry can be made at: Teaching in the Son 17 E Hurd, Ste. 200 Edmond, OK 73034 USA
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