Celebrations and New Beginnings

Celebrations and New Beginnings 


Much has happened since I last sent an update.  Lots of celebrations and also some new beginnings.

First, the celebrations.  The weekend before returning to the States for Christmas, we had an awards celebration for our English, Music, and Computer students.  It was wonderful to have them all gathered in one place.

I think one of the highlights was hearing my police students read Philippians 4:13 in English with fervor.  Another highlight of the evening was singing praise songs (one of my preferred teaching tools) at the end of the evening.  And of course, no celebration would be complete without food.

Then I got to celebrate our Lord’s birth with my family in Oklahoma

Christmas evening with Sarah and Daniel

New Beginnings

It’s wonderful to see the students grow and many will attest to the fact that God’s presence makes the classes special.  Everywhere I go, people are asking me,  “When do classes start again?”  In fact, I just returned from a grocery store run and there was a police stop.  And you guessed it,  “When do we start English classes?”  Then, the police captain wanted to make sure I met the head of the COBRAs (drug/SWAT police) who was at the stop.

Last week in church the pastor asked the church to pray for our classes.  In the grocery store, people stop me and ask about classes.  It’s wonderful to meet such a deep need in the community.

More New Beginnings — Samuel Raymond Christian Academy

A year ago it was a suggestion from a couple of mothers that I just blew off.  However, God had other plans.  So,  in two weeks we open the doors for Samuel Raymond Christian Academy in Sandy Bay.

We are beginning with Kindergarten and First Grade.  Hopefully, next year we’ll be able to add more grades.  Several of the neighborhood kids have said they want to go back to First Grade so they can come to our school.  God willing, next year they can come to our school.

Pray that God will direct the right families to SRCA and that we’ll be able to minister to the whole family.


About deborahhunnicutt

Taking a crazy journey that God has led me on to Roatan, Honduras. Donations to this ministry can be made at: Teaching in the Son 17 E Hurd, Ste. 200 Edmond, OK 73034 USA
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2 Responses to Celebrations and New Beginnings

  1. Marsha Middlebrooks says:

    It was so good to see you on your visit home. I am working toward coming with mission team in April. I praise God that the people are so open to the work you are doing. I will continue to hold you and your work up in my prayes. Marsha Middlebrooks

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