Almost seven years ago, an off-handed remark in a conversation I was having with Charlotte Shaw got the wheels turning for God to bring me (albeit not too willingly) to Roatan. About 18 months later, God began hitting me over the head and I began to listen.

Gary and Charlotte continued to follow God’s prompting and flat-out told me that they believed I was the person to fill a specific need here in Roatan.

I, again, balked and argued with God. Finally, I gave up and told Him that I was willing –- not happy about leaving my life in Oklahoma — but willing. And so the crazy journey here began. The Shaws made moving here easy and they poured a great deal of energy and resources into making the move seamless and ensuring that the work continues.

God knows our strengths and weaknesses and so He put the visionary with the detail people to see the work begin.

So much has happened in the last four years. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride as I was
forced to just get on and trust God in this journey.


English Classes Fall 2014  Police 2





And while the journey is about the tasks, it’s also about the things we learn along the way:


None of us serve alone.
While I’m the face of the work here in Roatan, it would be impossible without those who provide financial, logistical, emotional, and spiritual support. I have the easy job. I get to interact with some of the kindest, most loving, genuine people I’ve ever met.


So many of you back home have poured into the ministry and I don’t even know who you are. I just know you pray for me. You give financially to support my personal expenses and sponsor kids at the school. You take care of my family while I’m away. You love me in ways of which I’m not even aware.

My way is not always the best way, God’s way is
This is a lesson I keep relearning. Just because we do it one way in the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s the right way here. Just because I’ve done it one way in the past doesn’t mean it’s the
right thing to do in this ministry. Just because I think it should be this person or that way doesn’t mean that’s God’s desire. Stepping back and trusting Him is never a mistake.









Waiting on God is always the best path to take
This is another of those lessons that God has repeatedly been teaching me over the years. I don’t like waiting. I don’t like not knowing

Prayer requests
• Housing situation —
for God to provide funds to make an offer on the current property which is for sale or that He leads us to a new location on which we can build a compound
• Student sponsors and ministry partners for the next year
• That the right students will be sent to SRCS and the English classes.
• For me to be intentional about spending time with Him.
• For the team God is raising up here in Roatan.


About deborahhunnicutt

Taking a crazy journey that God has led me on to Roatan, Honduras. Donations to this ministry can be made at: Teaching in the Son 17 E Hurd, Ste. 200 Edmond, OK 73034 USA
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