Too Comfortable — Who’s Going

In the summer of 2008, God placed a burden for the people of Roatan on the hearts of Gary and Charlotte Shaw.  Little did they know that this burden was bigger than their desire to help.  They felt God nudging them to ask a friend from Sunday School,  Deborah Hunnicutt (that would be me), a teacher to take a big step and do mission work through education.

It took almost a year, but I was finally ready to agree.  I had become too comfortable with my life and knew that God was ready to challenge me with something new — something that just might be scary and uncomfortable.

Many twists and turns occurred and countless doors were opened and closed before the vision of Teaching in the Son came to fruition.  And while the future may not look as comfortable in Roatan as it does in Oklahoma, there’s no place I’d rather be  — God has given me a heart for the families of Roatan.

If God leads you to support this ministry through prayers and/or finances please contact:

Teaching in the Son

17 E Hurd, Ste.

Edmond OK 73034

Or Deborah Hunnicutt   deborah.hunnicutt@cox.net


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